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Results achieved
Results achived
The assurance of efficiency in an enormous structure such as the Ecad needs a meticulous monitoring and management of resources and processes. 
Together with team qualification, factors such as the continuous improvement of process, monitoring of operational standards, a constant policy focusing cost reduction, the increase in quality and efficiency of the work being performed and the automation of several activities have granted the Ecad, throughout the years, positive financial outcomes that result in a larger distribution of copyrights to music right-owners. Without a modern structure and qualified personnel, the collection and distribution activities would never achieve the goals of the associations that made up the Ecad, of the Ecad management and of the representatives of thousands of affiliated right-owners.
The Ecad is annually audited by independent and reputable market companies, and also by public agencies such as the Federal Income Office and the Social Services Office (INSS), and the figures of the Ecad are approved year after year. Even when the law does not require publication of the social and financial accounts (including the sustainability report), in recent years the Ecad has been publishing, in large circulation newspapers or on the Ecad website, the accounts and social information, in order demonstrate the transparency of its work. In the Financial Balance Sheet, for example, the assets, investment, income and expenses are detailed, as well as other information.
The preparation of the social accounts of the Ecad portrays the trend of many companies, which are socially responsible vis-à-vis their personnel and the community.
“The creation of the Ecad is the implementation of the desire of  artists and a step forward in the management of copyrights and public performance rights in Brazil, through the collective management of the music associations of which the Ecad is made up. Both an example of democracy and respect towards the diverse interests involved”.
Gloria Braga, executive superintendent of the Ecad
In 2015, Ecad has distributed over US$ 242,4 million to 221.386 copyright holders (composers, performers, musicians, publishers and sound recording producers) and associations.  

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