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Music has evolved a great del in the last few years. And technology around it too..
Technology and music
In recent decades, technology has been responsible for great changes in the world, and also in the music market,  both in relation to technical aspects of the recording, transmission and execution processes, and in the way music is marketed. Technological impacts may also be felt in the work of Ecad, and this helped to the improvement of the activities of the Office as well as the achievement of successive records in terms of collection and distribution of royalties stemming  from the public performance of music, for the benefit of thousands of composers and artists.
100maisinovadorasok.pngTechnological evolution at the Ecad
The Ecad is investing constantly in the qualification of its teams, in the control and modernization of processes, as well as in  in communication with the market and especially in the in all the areas of the institution. Currently, the Ecad is seen as a technological reference, even internationally. Awards such as "The 100 + innovative use of IT", received by the Ecad in 2011, 2012 2014 and 2015, show the relevance of the entity in the copyright scenario.
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