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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ecad (Central Bureau for Collection and Distribution) is a non-profit private institution, created by Law No. 5988/73 and confirmed by Federal Laws 9610/98 and 12853/13. The main purpose of Ecad is to centralize collection and distribution of music copyrights and public performance rights. With a professional team of managers, the activities of the institution have gained recognition, and the Ecad is regarded as a reference in the area. Furthermore, it owns one of the most modern collection and distribution arrangements in terms of music copyrights worldwide.

Ecad is administered by seven music associations, representing thousands of national and international right-owners of musical works (composers, performers, musicians, publishers and phonogram producers, that are members of those associations. Ecad also has broad coverage throughout Brazil, with its headquarters in the city of Rio de Janeiro, 26 collection units in the main cities and regions in the country, 41 outsourced attorney offices and approximately 52 accredited agencies, that carry out their activities in the hinterland.

The control of the information received is made through a completely centralized and computerized system. In addition to the registry of thousands of different right-owners, 7,3 million musical works and 5,4 million phonograms are also registered, which account for all the versions registered for each song. The figures involved represent approximately 88 thousand bank slips that are sent every month for collecting copyrights from users of musical works, which are publicly known as “music users”, totaling 531,8 thousand in the Ecad´s registration system.

Over the last year, distribution of copyrights grew 10%, for the advantage of composers and artists. These figures are the result of successful collection strategies, such as awareness campaigns among music users, the increase of the capillarity of Ecad in the country, a stronger presence in the recovery of bad debts, in addition to new agreements with users from big networks. Technological education was also one of the main reasons to achieve collection and distribution records of copyrights. In the last five years, Ecad invested more than R$ 20 million in technological solutions, developed by its own Information Technology team, contributing to the efficiency and dynamism of activities in all the areas of the institution.
This structure and the investment in technology, process improvement, team qualification and communication were determinant for the granting  of recognition and prizes awarded to Ecad in Brazil, which was seen as one of the most advanced countries in terms of distribution of copyrights resulting from the public performance of music. ​​
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