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Becoming a member & registering music
Becoming a member
The owner of copyrights has to register in order to collect performance rights. He should therefore join one of the associations engaged in music collection management (insert here the link to the Associations webpage). These associations will provide you with additional information on requirements for the payment of copyrights, as well as on the documentation necessary to become a member.
Any missing information or doubt involving a music work or the calculation of amounts of copyrights should be directly clarified with the music association.
It should be highlighted though that circumstances such as frequency and the media in which music is airplayed, as well as the works in which the owner has some sort of participation and the opportune payment by music users, are determinant for the success  - or failure - in the collection of copyrights, and consequently, for the distribution to right-owners. Therefore, these circumstances may impact – either positively or negatively – royalty incomes. 

How to register your works
Intellectual works can be registered, according to their nature, at the National Library or at the UFRJ School of Music (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). In addition to works, you may also register musical arrangements, musical compositions, lyrics and music scores. Registration allows recognition of authorship, the  moral and economic rights involved and it also establishes protection terms, both for the right-owner and his/her successors.
It should highlighted that registration is not essential for the work to be protected according to the Ecad´s system.  However, registration is an indication/evidence of authorship, and in some cases it demonstrates the first public declaration on the authorship of a certain musical work.
The copyright protection of a musical work granted by the Ecad is independent from registration; this means that even in the case of a non-registered work, it may enjoy public performance rights/protection. In this case, membership to one of the music management associations is a must.
Please note that: if a work or phonogram is captured (for example, during a radio broadcast) but the song fails to be properly registered on the Ecad database, no identification shall be possible. Lack of identification of a work leads to delays in credit distribution to the right-owner.
When an unregistered work is captured, a provisional registry shall be created for the work, which is called “song pending identification”. The number of performances captured shall be maintained until the song is registered and identified, and consequently the credits to right-owners shall be released. The same procedure is used in the case of phonograms that lack identification. When they are in fact identified, the moneys for the holders of neighboring rights are then released.
Please bear in mind that the registration of works, in order to be valid at the Ecad, has to be conducted at the association to which the author/producer is a member. The association will then insert is shared between the Ecad and the respective associations.
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